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As your complete, one-stop, premises enhancement solutions provider, the FSG Group comprises:
With a solid client base built up over 17+ years of enhancing people’s environments, we’ve expanded our range of offerings into a multi-faceted property services group.

To offer you peace of mind and the reassurance that your premises are properly maintained in pristine condition, our managers use photo-reporting and KPI systems to continually monitor your property and record images, which are archived or emailed to you for your convenience and assurance.

We ensure higher levels of service, loyalty, commitment and brighter smiles when our staff turn up at your workplace. That’s because our staff members remain motivated, thanks to an incentive system that rewards them with every KPI achieved.

As if enhancing your premises isn’t enough of a reward, we’ve created our FSG Rewards Program to thank our clients for their continued support. You’ll earn loyalty points on your contract, which you can then redeem against new projects and additional services. Your FSG Points could even contribute towards your socio-economic development investment and BBBEE status.

We “get” the value of attracting, training, retaining and rewarding the best, most reliable talent for our workforce. We invest time and money in training our staff, not only in the most efficient ways of working, but also in human relationship skills. Happy, skillful, well-led people make all the difference – in your workplace and ours. Read more


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