January 15, 2019
outdoor entertainment area

The Art of Braaing: An outdoor entertainment area that’s as South African as you are

A South African’s outdoor entertainment area is different. It’s a reflection of how we live our lives – no half measures. Life in Africa is brimming with opportunity. The people, personalities, and business opportunities are as colourful as the zig-zag patterns on the beaded jewellery sold at every tourist stop. […]
January 15, 2019
office design

3 Ways to increase clients’ trust in your business with your office design

New year, new me – right? That’s what everyone’s saying right now. What if you took that energy that went into new year’s resolutions and focused 100% of it into your business, now, in January? That would give you the capital and the leverage to truly live the “new year, […]
December 19, 2018
rooftop landscaping

Maximise use of space with scenic rooftop landscaping

Rooftop landscaping holds many benefits, especially to companies like this one. Apartments on William provides safe and comfortable accommodation to youngsters from out of town, enrolled to study at tertiary institutions in Pretoria. The student life in this city is a constant hustle and bustle – as young people discover […]
November 28, 2018
outdoor entertainment area

3 Reasons to build an outdoor entertainment area (for better parties at home)

Loose ends. They hold nothing together, and each one seems to fray at its own pace. An outdoor entertainment area, along with all the other small goals you had around the house, is no exception. Loose ends are the main ingredient of the year-end, taking up all your time. There […]
November 20, 2018
Lawn maintenance

Up your game: Sports field and lawn maintenance

Sports fields are the unsung heroes of the game. Unless something is amiss or out of place, the sports field goes unnoticed and rightly so. The sports field’s job is to facilitate the game and the more efficiently it does that, the less likely it is that the sportsmen notice […]
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