November 28, 2018
outdoor entertainment area

3 Reasons to build an outdoor entertainment area (for better parties at home)

Loose ends. They hold nothing together, and each one seems to fray at its own pace. An outdoor entertainment area, along with all the other small goals you had around the house, is no exception. Loose ends are the main ingredient of the year-end, taking up all your time. There […]
November 20, 2018
Lawn maintenance

Up your game: Sports field and lawn maintenance

Sports fields are the unsung heroes of the game. Unless something is amiss or out of place, the sports field goes unnoticed and rightly so. The sports field’s job is to facilitate the game and the more efficiently it does that, the less likely it is that the sportsmen notice […]
November 20, 2018
sports field

Pitch perfect with an ever-green sports field

Maintaining a turf that’s designed to facilitate sports is different. It’s simply not the same as the garden lawn. The grass in your front yard needs to look neat, lush, and even. The needs of a sports field are far more complex. A sports field needs to be as even […]
October 8, 2018

Community activities: FSG and Calgro builds a public park

Witpoortjie is a quiet suburban area in Roodepoort. The newly established community is a diverse group of people. There are newlyweds, families with children of different ages, and retired folks. The area lacks recreational facilities for the community, so FSG is stepping in to provide a little muscle and a […]
October 8, 2018

Cleaning services – how to get your business OSHA compliant

Spring is about to unfurl all around us. The sluggish and icy days of winter should be melting away slowly to reveal a fresh start, a clean slate. The new beginnings we are all looking forward to don’t happen on their own, there’s a cleaning process involved. Our homes are […]
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