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FSG is a level 2 BEE company and a proud member of the South African Landscape Industry (SALI), Landscape Irrigation Association of S.A. (LIA) and founding member of the Association of Residential Communities (ARC).

We are committed to upholding and enforcing the aims, objectives and ethics of SALI.




Leading Corporate and Estate Garden Maintenance Company in Johannesburg and Pretoria – FSG

If you are looking for a landscaping and garden maintenance company that will take care of our corporate or estate garden maintenance needs, FSG can assist. FSG is a leading landscaping and garden maintenance service provider, offering our services to clients in the Johannesburg and Pretoria areas.

FSG is specialised in body corporate, estate and commercial garden maintenance, and will aim to get your garden in a healthy and appealing state that portrays a professional image for your estate or business. Contact FSG today for more information about our corporate and estate garden maintenance services in Johannesburg and Pretoria. We trust that you will be satisfied with the level of service and your garden’s results when relying on our experienced team.

We cater to the following industries:

  • Retail spaces.
  • Business Parks and Office Buildings.
  • Hospital & Medical Centres.
  • Golf and Residential Estates.
  • Industrial Factories and Mining.
  • Hotels and Resorts.
  • Tertiary institutions and School Grounds.

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Trust FSG for your corporate and estate garden maintenance needs

Larger and commercial gardens require weekly attention to ensure the plants, weeds and grass do not grow out of control, and to help your garden look neat, clean and well-maintained. The state of your company, estate or commercial property’s garden is a direct representation of your business’ image, which is why you should always keep your garden in good health and a neat and tidy condition.

Here are a few benefits of trusting FSG to take care of your corporate, estate or other commercial garden maintenance needs:

  • Professional and convenient service: Making use of a garden maintenance company for your corporate or estate gardening needs truly is a convenient option. Our team will do the planning and implement the maintenance schedule without you needing to lift a finger. Our team of gardeners are experienced in large corporate gardens, and will follow requests or instructions if there are specific tasks that need to be done. We will clean and maintain your garden from corner to corner, leaving you with a neat and healthy looking garden.
  • Garden services: Our list of garden maintenance services include lawn mowing, sweeping, trimming, weed removal, garden rubble removal, garden treatments, watering and many more. Contact us today for more detail about our list of garden services available for your corporate or estate gardening needs in Johannesburg or Pretoria.
  • Sufficient labour: We possess enough labour to ensure light work and efficient service. No need to hire a team of gardeners for your corporate or estate garden needs, when our team is readily available, with experience, to assist.
  • Equipment needs: FSG will provide all the equipment needed for the gardening tasks, meaning that you do not need to supply any gardening tools or equipment when making use of our service.
  • Cost-effective: FSG aims to make the use of a corporate of estate garden maintenance company affordable and cost-effective for clients in Johannesburg and Pretoria. Our corporate garden maintenance service prices are very competitive, and will offer you great value for money.
  • Landscaping and hardscaping services: In addition to our garden maintenance services, we also offer a full landscaping service for clients in Johannesburg and Pretoria. Should you need a new landscaping design plan and implementation, paving, water features, irrigation system or other outdoor structures, FSG is the company for you. We have helped numerous companies, businesses and estates to get the gardens they have envisioned on their property. Contact us for more information about your landscaping needs.
  • Well-maintained garden: When trusting FSG you can enjoy a well-maintained and healthy looking garden. Our team’s combined knowledge and experience enables us to achieve high levels of customer satisfaction. Let FSG take care of the gardening work, while you focus on other important aspects of your business or estate.

Contact FSG today for more information and to make use of this leading corporate and estate garden maintenance company in Johannesburg and Pretoria.

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