FSG Cleaning Services – Contract and specialist cleaning solutions.

We specialise in catering to the needs of corporate and industrial sectors, as well as
those of the healthcare, retail, hospitality, mining and automotive fields.

FSG Cleaning Services

✅ Contract cleaning.
✅ Kitchen deep-cleaning.
✅ Upholstery cleaning.
✅ Ceiling cleaning.
✅ Window cleaning.
✅ Specialised floor care services.



A beautifully clean premises sends an instant message to both current and prospective customers. Our range of cleaning services gives you the benefit not only of a sparkling company image, but also the savings that can be enjoyed through our multi-service offering, fewer cleaning vendors on your payroll and an improved BEE scorecard.

From specialist floor cleaning for natural stone, concrete, carpet and wooden floors, intensive kitchen cleaning, upholstery cleaning, window cleaning and even ceiling cleaning, our team of specialists will assist in getting your premises in order. Simply contact us today to find out more about our tailored approach to your cleaning requirements.

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