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Landscaping Services


✅ Landscaping

✅ Installation and management

✅ Water features & Irrigation

✅ Garden maintenance

✅ Hardscaping and construction

✅ Paving and decking

✅ Pools, ponds and dams

✅ Tree felling

✅ Wetland areas

✅ Golf course maintenance




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No matter what your field of business is, it’s our business to make yours look great.

Landscaped grounds designed and maintained by FSG will enhance your property value, create the right impression, add curb appeal and underline your green credentials. We are a landscaping company with over 17 years of experience in designing and maintaining beautiful spaces. Our team is motivated, caring and well trained. If you are based in Johannesburg and Pretoria, do not hesitate to contact us.

Skills range from those of landscape designers and architects, to horticulturists, maintenance experts, irrigation specialists, construction teams, gardening crews and administration staff. For over a decade and a half, we have helped companies make powerful impressions by creating award-winning landscapes.

We cater to the following industries:

  • Retail spaces.
  • Business Parks and Office Buildings.
  • Hospital & Medical Centres.
  • Golf and Residential Estates.
  • Industrial Factories and Mining.
  • Hotels and Resorts.
  • Tertiary institutions and School Grounds.



With an exceptionally talented garden design and installation team, we’ve been able to produce award-winning landscapes for clients year after year. Our turnkey landscaping services include design, construction, installation and on-going maintenance solutions, planned according to available space, climate and use.

Garden Maintenance

Our garden maintenance programmes ensure your grounds are kept healthy, clean and attractive all year round. We provide you with an advanced integrated photo-reporting and KPI system to continually update you on the condition of your property, ensuring your landscape investment is properly maintained.

Dams and Streams

Whether you require a large scale agricultural dam, or you wish to enhance your residential property with a natural stream, we lay the foundation that ensures a result that is as close to nature as possible.

Ponds, Pools and Water Features

Your garden should be space of serenity. If you need to create a focal point or add a sense of tranquility, our team of skilled landscape artists can introduce the element of water into your outdoor space.

Construction and Maintenance of Wetland Areas

We care about the environment around us. Our wetland projects range from construction of designated areas to on-going maintenance that ensures optimal health of all living things within the wetland ecosystem.


With our advanced LIA qualification for irrigation, our irrigation systems are carefully planned to ensure that they not only add value to your space, but also help the planet.


Transform your outdoor space to include relaxation & recreation areas that are suitable for commercial & residential properties. Adding different height levels to your outdoor surrounding makes the world of difference.


Extend, enhance and optimise your space with high quality professional paving that provides lasting value. Whether adding a driveway, increasing your parking area or creating functional yet beautiful outdoor spaces.

Tractor Cutting

Veld and large grassed areas are cut down to shape with the help of our tractor cutting services that use industrial tractors to trim grass, clear shrubs and effectively maintain your premises.

Tree Felling

Our skilled tree-fellers are equipped with the most effective tools to get the job done safely, simply and efficiently. We are fully insured, highly trained and experienced in the removal of invasive or unwanted trees.

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