FSG Security

Guarding Services

We specialise in Residential, Commercial and industrial Security services. We insist on regular communication and interactions with all our clients at all levels. This leads to strong partnerships, secure and safe environments. Axon’s Operational team meet regularly with our clients to ensure that our service delivery is of the highest standards at all times. We also inform our customers of the latest criminal trends within their areas.


To meet the current challenges of organised crime syndication, Axon Security has a diverse range of services to combat these criminal white collar trends. We have the latest electronic surveillance equipment that can be used to assist our customers that are subjected to industrial espionage or spying. Our detectives work closely with the South African Police Services and have an impressive track record of uncovering syndicates.



Technical Services

Axon Security believes that Technology is the future of Security. The sophisticated equipment supplied by our Technical Department further improves the level of security we offer. Modern times require innovative and reliable alternative methods of loss prevention. Axon’s up-to-date systems and software is able to offer our clients innovative and cost-effective solutions to all their Security risks.

Consulting Services

Our Security Consultants conduct tests on a current system to determine weak areas, which are vulnerable to an attack from outside the company or residence. Tests may include attempts to hack into the computer systems or enter a secure areas of a business residential property. After evaluating security measures and systems, our Consultants prepare reports for clients.

Monitoring & Armed Response

Our Alarm Monitoring, 24 Hour Armed Response and Medical Response services offer round-the-clock peace of mind to all our loyal customers. Our specialized Control room and computerised Security Systems offer our customers a 24-hour technological Security and response solutions. Our Response Teams serve our customer’s in our various areas of operation. Because of the diversity of the communities in these areas.

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