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FSG is a level 2 BEE company and a proud member of the South African Landscape Industry (SALI), Landscape Irrigation Association of S.A. (LIA) and founding member of the Association of Residential Communities (ARC).

We are committed to upholding and enforcing the aims, objectives and ethics of SALI.




Professional Garden Maintenance Services in Pretoria in Pretoria – FSG

If you are looking for a company that provides professional garden maintenance services in Pretoria, look no further – let FSG assist. FSG is a leading landscaping company in Pretoria, offering a wide range of garden services to meet the needs of our clients. We have assisted many clients in the area to achieve and maintain beautiful gardens and landscapes that meet up to their expectations and what they have envisioned. There are many benefits to contracting a professional garden maintenance company in Pretoria. Starting or maintaining a garden is hard work and requires long hours to achieve the garden you desire.

Contact FSG today for excellent garden maintenance and landscaping services in Pretoria, Johannesburg and surrounding areas.

We cater to the following industries:

  • Retail spaces.
  • Business Parks and Office Buildings.
  • Hospital & Medical Centres.
  • Golf and Residential Estates.
  • Industrial Factories and Mining.
  • Hotels and Resorts.
  • Tertiary institutions and School Grounds.

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Garden design and maintenance – Landscaping professionals

FSG has gained years of experience in garden landscaping and design, offering a well-rounded and comprehensive garden service to our clients. The help of an experienced garden maintenance company will ensure that your garden is attended to throughout every season, leaving you will a healthy and well-maintained garden. Trust FSG as your garden maintenance company for the following reasons and benefits:

  • Garden design: A beautiful garden starts with a vision. Our team of garden engineers will turn you garden dreams into a reality. An effective garden design plan will be put into place, that contains landscaping and hardscaping plans, if any, as well as a maintenance schedule. Once the client is happy with the plan, we will put in the hours to get your garden in its best shape. We believe that a garden should be a tranquil environment where the landscape and buildings / hardscape fit together seamlessly to provide an aesthetically pleasing setting for the client.
  • Time and labour: Two of the most important factors when it comes to maintaining a garden is putting in the required time, and having sufficient labour force to take care of the hard work. This is especially essential in larger commercial or corporate garden environments. FSG consist of the necessary labour, and will put in a sufficient amount of time to ensure that you garden looks healthy and well-maintained. As a homeowner, it is not always possible to put in the required time and effort it takes for a healthy looking garden. This it is so beneficial to make use of a trusted garden maintenance service provider like FSG in Pretoria.
  • Garden equipment and tools: FSG possesses the necessary tools and equipment needed to perform all the design and maintenance services effectively. This means that you will not have to purchase any of your own equipment, saving you on initial cost to get your garden healthy and well-maintained. This makes garden maintenance services in Pretoria by FSG the cost-effective choice when it comes to maintaining your garden.
  • Hardscaping design and installation: Hardscaping forms the backbone of your garden, and involves any paving or decking, fences, patios, built flower beds and more. FSG is experienced in all hardscaping designs and services, and will provide you with excellent building services to ensure a beautifully rounded off garden.
  • Regular maintenance: Regular maintenance is the key to a beautiful garden. Your garden requires attention and work on a regular basis, to take care of the following: mowing the lawn regularly to promote dense green grass growth, extraction and treatment of weeds, cleaning up debris from pavements and other hardscape cleaning, cleaning the garden beds, trimming and pruning, applying fertilizer, watering and many more. Contact us today for more information about our garden maintenance services.

FSG garden maintenance services in Pretoria

Let FSG assist with all your garden maintenance service and needs in Pretoria. Or experienced team will provide you with expert advice and professional service to ensure your garden reaches its full potential in no time.

Our garden maintenance company offers the following services to clients in Pretoria:

  • Landscaping design
  • Installation and management
  • Water features
  • Garden maintenance – commercial and residential
  • Hardscaping (pavement, patios, and construction work)
  • Irrigation systems

Whether you are looking for a company to assist with your residential or commercial garden maintenance needs, FSG can assist. We will offer an efficient garden maintenance service in Pretoria for your home, school, church, complex, business or other environment. Contact the leading landscaping company in Pretoria today.

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