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FSG Hygiene Service includes customised solutions that are designed to keep your premises hygienic at all times.

When it comes to the workplace, hygiene and cleanliness is of utmost important, as it impacts the health and safety of everyone involved with the business, including the employees, clients / customers and visitors. A company’s hygiene policy and measures taken also has an impact on the company’s image and reputation, which is why it should be an important focus in every company’s policy.

If you are in need of a reputable hygiene company in Johannesburg to help you implement certain hygiene measures and provide you with a professional service and quality products, FSG is the company for you. FSG is a leading choice of hygiene companies in Johannesburg, due to our efficient service, cost-effective pricing and quality hygiene consumables and equipment.

Get a tailored solution for your company’s hygiene needs today – a professional consultant will advise you on our various options and hygiene essentials.



FSG Hygiene Services


✅ Equipment rental.

✅ Equipment purchase.

✅ Hygiene consumables supply.

✅ Pest eradication and prevention.

✅ Ablution deep-cleaning.

✅ Computer and telephone cleaning.

✅ Installation and maintenance of grease trap dosing stations.




Hygiene products and services offered by FSG – Hygiene company in Johannesburg

FSG provides a comprehensive service for companies in need of hygiene products and services – you can rest assured that FSG has got you covered regarding all your company’s hygiene needs! We supply the following hygiene products and services:

  • Hygiene consumables supply: FSG will supply all the hygiene consumables your company will need, which include toilet paper, soap, cleaning products, paper towels, air fresheners and urinal mats.
  • Equipment rental: Should you need to rent our equipment such as soap and paper towel dispensers, waste bins, hand dryers, air fresheners etc., FSG will include this in your service package. You will receive modern and high quality products for rental purposes.
  • Equipment purchase: Should you wish to purchase any of our hygiene equipment, contact the leading hygiene company in Johannesburg for a competitive quote today.
  • Pest eradication and prevention: FSG provides an effective pest control solution, which includes the prevention of future infestation. Tal to us about your pest concerns in order to get rid of the problem as soon as possible.
  • Ablution deep-cleaning: Deep cleaning ablution facilities is essential for companies and business, which is aimed at removing build-up of germs and bacteria that could be harmful to the health of employees, customers and visitors. This service includes the sanitising of bathrooms, toilets, fixtures and surfaces, ensuring a clean and hygienic ablution facility for your company.
  • Computer and telephone cleaning: It is shocking to know the amount of germs and bacteria that accumulate on computer keyboards and telephones. Ensure these devices are cleaned and sanitised to help prevent the spread of germs and viruses.

Installation and maintenance of grease trap dosing stations: Grease traps provide effective waste management for companies. Let FSG assist by installing and maintaining and effective grease trap dosing station for your company.


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