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FSG Hygiene Service includes customised solutions that are designed to keep your premises hygienic at all times.

If you are in need of the services of a reputable hygiene company in Pretoria, FSG is the company for you. At FSG we understand that your company’s hygiene and cleanliness is important for the wellbeing of your employees and guests, as well as the image you aim to portray to the public.

Hygiene requirements differ from company to company, depending on the size and needs of the company. FSG will customise a hygiene solution / package that meets your company requirements, and fits into your company’s budget. Let FSG assist with an effective and cost-efficient hygiene solution for your company – contact the leading hygiene company in Pretoria today to get a customised quote.



FSG Hygiene Services


✅ Equipment rental.

✅ Equipment purchase.

✅ Hygiene consumables supply.

✅ Pest eradication and prevention.

✅ Ablution deep-cleaning.

✅ Computer and telephone cleaning.

✅ Installation and maintenance of grease trap dosing stations.





Hygiene services provided by FSG

FSG offers a comprehensive hygiene service for companies in Pretoria. You can trust the team at FSG to provide you with quality products and consumables and a professional service that will meet the hygiene needs of your company. Our hygiene services and products include:

  • Equipment rental:  FSG provides a range of hygiene equipment for rental purposes, meaning that you can implement these quality products and equipment at an affordable monthly fee. Enquire today about our hygiene equipment available to rent for your company.
  • Equipment purchase: If you wish to own your hygiene equipment, you can also purchase the equipment needed for your company from FSG. We will supply you with top quality hygiene equipment at competitive prices.
  • Hygiene consumables supply: Replenish your consumables with quality products from FSG. We supply toilet paper, soap, cleaning products, paper towels, air fresheners and urinal mats.
  • Pest eradication and prevention: Get rid of unwanted pests in your company. Our professional and effective pest eradication and prevention service will ensure that your company is free of these unwanted bugs and critters.
  • Ablution deep-cleaning: Schedule a regular deep cleaning for company bathrooms, to ensure the environment is cleaned and sanitised on a regular basis. This will help remove harmful bacteria and smells from your ablutions.
  • Computer and telephone cleaning: It’s a known fact that computer keyboards and telephoned are breeding grounds for germs and bacteria. Clean your office goods regularly with a professional hygiene company in Pretoria to ensure clean equipment for your employees.
  • Installation and maintenance of grease trap dosing stations: FSG will install and maintain your grease trap system, ensuring clean and hygienic waste management for your company.

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Get the leading hygiene company in Pretoria for all your hygiene needs

It is important to remember that employees are greatly influenced by their workplace environment. A clean workplace with the necessary equipment for personal hygiene is essential as it helps prevent the spreading of germs, illnesses and bad odour. Contact FSG, leading hygiene company in Pretoria, today to implement the required measures to ensure sufficient hygiene in your workplace.


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