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FSG is a level 2 BEE company and a proud member of the South African Landscape Industry (SALI), Landscape Irrigation Association of S.A. (LIA) and founding member of the Association of Residential Communities (ARC).

We are committed to upholding and enforcing the aims, objectives and ethics of SALI.




Professional Landscaping & Garden Maintenance Services in Centurion – FSG

When it comes to your corporate, estate or business property’s landscaping and garden maintenance needs in Centurion / Pretoria, there’s no better company than FSG to assist. Specialised in large scale garden maintenance or landscaping design environments, FSG will help you to achieve and maintain a beautiful and professional looking garden. Your garden gives your clients their first impression of your company, business or estate, which is why it is important to maintain your garden on a regular basis, to ensure the garden and outdoor environment is clean, neat and looks well maintained.

Contact the leading landscaping and garden maintenance service providers in Centurion / Pretoria today for assistance.

We cater to the following industries:

  • Retail spaces.
  • Business Parks and Office Buildings.
  • Hospital & Medical Centres.
  • Golf and Residential Estates.
  • Industrial Factories and Mining.
  • Hotels and Resorts.
  • Tertiary institutions and School Grounds.

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Taking care of your corporate landscaping and garden maintenance needs in Centurion / Pretoria

Maintaining a large garden such as with estates, business parks, schools and churches is extremely labour and time consuming, and requires attention on a regular basis. FSG will take this responsibility off your hands, by providing you with a professional, efficient and affordable corporate garden maintenance and landscaping service. Our field of work includes experience in the following environments:

  • Retail spaces: FSG is experienced in garden maintenance and landscaping services for retail spaces, ensuring a neat and well-maintained outdoor space for your retail environment. If you require the services of a professional landscaping and garden maintenance company in Centurion / Pretoria for your retail space, contact FSG today. We will ensure that your outdoor area is clean and looks healthy.
  • Business parks and office buildings: Gardens and outdoor areas at business parks and office buildings are often neglected, giving a negative impression for visitors to your building. It is essential that owners of office buildings and business parks maintain their garden and outdoor areas for a professional image. Talk to a consultant at FSG today about your gardening needs at your business park or office building.
  • Hospital and medical centres: Creating an enjoyable outdoor area at a hospital or medical centre will have a positive impact on the patients and employees
  • Golf and residential estates: Golf and residential estates usually have large gardens, sidewalks and areas that need to be cleaned and maintained. Our body corporate garden maintenance service is ideal for your golf or residential estate’s gardening needs in Centurion / Pretoria.
  • Industrial factories and mining: Although gardening might not be a top priority in these environments, maintaining a clean and well-maintained outdoor area is important for employees and clients to the area, helping the factory or company to portray a professional image.
  • Hotels and resorts: When it comes to hotels and resorts, maintaining a beautiful and healthy garden is essential. Guests visit the resort for leisure and relaxation purposes, which is why a beautiful and tranquil outdoor environment is so important, because it directly contributes to their experience. Our gardening team will ensure that your garden at your resort or hotel is in its top shape, offering guests an enjoyable garden and outdoor area.
  • Tertiary institutions and school grounds: Tertiary institutions and school ground have large scale gardening needs. Employing sufficient labour and the equipment maintenance can become quite costly. Get an affordable quote from FSG today for your school or tertiary institutions gardening needs.

Contact FSG – leading garden services company in Centurion / Pretoria

Let the professional team at FSG assist with all your garden maintenance and landscaping needs. We will help you to create the outdoor environment you wish to have, helping you maintain it for a neat and healthy looking garden. Talk to a team member today about your garden maintenance needs in Centurion / Pretoria.

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