South Africa is seeing a terribly dry time. Installing a rainwater harvesting system, you can save precious water and money. Buying your first rainwater tank is exciting, but do your research first. Make sure you know how much annual rainfall your area gets, and buy a tank that is suitably sized. FSG loves waterwise systems!

A landscaped area that has been properly designed may include an irrigation system, which makes ongoing maintenance much easier for the landowner. Knowing how to deliver water and in what quantities each section of garden requires, takes professional knowledge and skill. Get the right set-up for low a maintenance and sustainable approach to beautifying your outdoor space.

Spring is here, which means it’s planting season! Prepare your business, as we prepare your soil, and welcome growth and new beginnings. Nothing inspires us like a splash of colour to brighten up your day. Give us a call to set up a meeting so that we can discuss the way forward!

A well-managed property requires someone to manage the relationships that exist with tenants, vendors, and outside contractors. They oversee all work that is done and ensure that everything is legally compliant. Imagine having all your admin sorted while your kerb appeal is handled and your security needs are met. Let’s get started.

Who could possibly understand the climate, terrain and indigenous plant species of Gauteng better than a local landscaper? Supporting local will benefit your business as we specialise in beautifying in your climate. If you are in Johannesburg or Pretoria, we will definitely understand your needs! Do not hesitate to give us a call.

If your grounds expand over a large area, and you find yourself shying away from the outdoors, a landscape designer can section off areas, creating small but joyful corners on the property. Often, having several small sections on one property can make it far more enjoyable for numerous people to make use of simultaneously. Large garden? No problem. Get in touch.

Let us assist you with every aspect of property maintenance, from clearing the site and felling trees, to laying irrigation and supplying you with wholesale plants from our nursery to finish off the perfect pond or pool. Contact us for an obligation-free quote.

You can increase your property value by up to 15% while the legalities are handled and outsourced contractors are overseen. Hiring a property management company also ensures that money coming in and going out is regulated and properly timed. For more information on successful property management, contact us!

Lawn Tip – Get greener grass on your side of the fence. Topdressing is a technique that helps to fix soil that is too compressed. It adds nutrients and boosts the drainage abilities of the soil. Simply spread some top-dressing mixture evenly over your grass, gently. Spread it out until the blades of grass emerge from under it. Need help taking care of your lawn?

Regardless of your line of work or industry, we make it our job to make your business look good. Our fields of expertise over the last 15 years include some of the following industries: Sports turf installation and grounds management, retail, hotels and resorts, university campuses and office parks. Contact us for more information!

Hiring a landscaper to take care of your property management and landscaping work, means that your investment or commercial property will always be expertly designed, well kept and created to reflect a positive self-esteem and attention to detail. It is the ultimate investment in your business and property!

It is estimated that 55% of the water we use in our homes does not need to be drinking water, meaning the laundry water, toilet water, water used to wash our cars and floors with can be rainwater. Harvesting rainwater includes catching the run-off from the roof of your house via the downpipes. It is filtered before it reaches the tank where it is stored to be used. Call us to find out more!

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