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FSG is a level 2 BEE company and a proud member of the South African Landscape Industry (SALI), Landscape Irrigation Association of S.A. (LIA) and founding member of the Association of Residential Communities (ARC).

We are committed to upholding and enforcing the aims, objectives and ethics of SALI.




Leading Garden Maintenance Services in Kyalami & Midrand – FSG

Need a garden maintenance service company in Midrand or Kyalami? Maintaining a business / company garden is hard work and extremely time consuming. Finding the time and energy to maintain a healthy and beautiful garden yourself is not always possible – this is where a professional garden maintenance company in Kyalami and Midrand comes in. Let our team of hardworking and experienced garden workers get your company’s garden in a healthy state so that you can portray a professional image to your clients and the outside world.

FSG is a leading landscaping and garden maintenance company in Johannesburg, servicing the Kyalami and Midrand areas.  We specialise in business / company / residential garden maintenance, landscaping design, hardscaping of built areas, irrigation, garden maintenance and more. Contact FSG today for more information about our garden services available in Midrand, Kyalami or other Johannesburg / Pretoria area and to get a quote.

We cater to the following industries:

  • Retail spaces.
  • Business Parks and Office Buildings.
  • Hospital & Medical Centres.
  • Golf and Residential Estates.
  • Industrial Factories and Mining.
  • Hotels and Resorts.
  • Tertiary institutions and School Grounds.

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Trust FSG with your garden maintenance services needs

Corporate / large gardens require constant attention to ensure that is stays in a healthy and pleasing conditions. Gardens can quickly get out of hand, or look unkempt and messy if not maintained on a regular basis. Weeds need to be removed and handled, grass needs cutting and irrigation, plants need pruning and an array of other gardening tasks all contribute to a beautiful and neat looking garden. Here are a few reasons why you should trust FSG to take care of the garden maintenance services and landscaping job for your business / company:

  • Skills: Our team of gardeners, landscape designers, maintenance experts and horticulturalists possess a wealth of knowledge and skills. By combining our abilities and expertise, we are able to provide clients with efficient solutions for their garden service needs. We will help you and your business to obtain the garden you desire, that looks healthy and beautiful.
  • Workforce: Another reason why it is sometimes impossible to keep up with your business / corporate environment’s gardening needs, is because it requires intensive labour continuously. FSG has the workforce / labour required to ensure that we get to all the maintenance tasks, making sure that no corner of your garden is left unattended to.
  • Time-efficiency: Because we will arrive with a team of gardeners and landscape designers to do the job, our work is also time efficient, as many tasks can be handled at once. Our team will work quickly, but thoroughly, to ensure that your garden looks its best and grows as desired.
  • Cost-effective: Hiring a garden maintenance service company in Midrand / Kyalami like FSG is definitely also a cost-effective choice (especially when it comes to larger / corporate gardens). There will be no need to hire a workforce to maintain your garden, as our team will be sufficient for the job. We also possess all the gardening equipment and tools required to manage and maintain your garden, and to do any landscaping / hardscaping work as needed. FSG also aims to make our business and residential garden services packages affordable for our clients, so that is fits into their budgets easily.

Contact FSG for professional and affordable garden maintenance services in Midrand or Kyalami

Talk to a consultant at FSG today for more information about our gardening maintenance services, landscaping design, hardscaping, irrigation and other needs. We will provide you with a tailored quote that includes the services you require on your specific garden size.

Let the leading landscaping specialists and garden maintenance company in Midrand and Kyalami take care of your garden service needs.

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