Meet FSG – behind the scenes of a soft services solutions company

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Meet FSG – behind the scenes of a soft services solutions company

Our website tells you that we create, grow, and sustain human environments. It’s completely true, but who are we behind all that?


We are a soft services solutions company. That means we provide services like security, cleaning, landscaping, and hygiene to both large and small companies. Because we offer such a diverse range of soft services, it keeps life exciting and it allows us to cater to a wide range of industries. It’s a great job and we don’t take it for granted.

We’ve been changing the way people function since 1999 by enhancing their environments. We do exactly what our website says we do, but we also want to introduce you to who we are behind the scenes. Everyone knows that’s where all the action is.

The dreams for FSG have always been big. But, as life teaches us, dreaming without doing will achieve about as much as a sloth on valium.


Our founders

Meet the man behind the dreams, Brandon Mansour. His partner in life and business is Natalie Mansour. Together, they have been climbing the ladder of success together for over 20 years. It takes great affection, commitment, and guts to live and work alongside your wife.

Our history as an integrated soft-services solutions company

Every great tree has a humble beginning as a seed. The seed that started FSG, however, is fast blooming into a fruitful initiative. It began in 1999, with Brandon as the driver and a whole three team members doing the garden service side.

Today, two of those team members are still part of the FSG family. Both hold senior positions, one of them, Albert has become a partner in the business. Over 850 people work here now, pioneering new departments and conquering new avenues of learning all the time.

These new departments are all part of what makes us a turn-key solutions company. It means we can offer you a comprehensive range of an integrated soft-services solutions company. Less chasing contractors, less back and forth with new contractors, more money saved.   

From seed to a fully-fledged integrated soft-services solutions company provider

Watching the company from the outside, success would seem as effortless as helping trees to grow. Like helping trees to grow, however, there’s a fine network of duties and roles played by different elements to make everything work.

Think of it as conducting an orchestra of ringing phones.

The first step to executing any kind of success lies in having the vision. The goal for FSG is to become a one-stop inhouse green soft-services solutions company. We want to green our cities, starting with the premises of our clients.

We’re aiming to extend our services beyond Gauteng soon. This is an interesting spoiler alert for what’s coming in the future, watch this space.

Get with our vibe – an integrated soft-services solutions company is cool

It’s easy to confuse us with the corporates.

We are neat and clean (as clean as you can be in our line of work), and we deliver results.

The difference between us and the corporates is that we arrive with a swing in our step. We’re happy to wake up each day, get out there, and get stuff done. We have 10 green fingers and a green toe or two.

We know what we’re doing when it comes to integrating soft services, and we’re figuring people out too. We love sharing a joke with our clients, the lighter side of life is always more fun. We love being approachable. Our clients enjoy dealing with us, we enjoy dealing with them and it all falls into place much better.

What’s better than calling a service provider and getting helped by a happy person? It’s like mac and cheese. Or pizza without pineapple.

How do we achieve this great service? The answer lies in our staff

A company should make its team happy. The team will then deliver fantastic service to the clients. That’s why we’ve invested in the happiness of our staff at FSG. We have stunning incentive programmes in place for our teams. The programmes are a great motivator to produce high levels of service. We also offer rewards programmes to our clients, a way of thanking you for the continued business.

What do you do when accidentally become successful and a little too corporate? You own it like a boss and spread seeds of beauty as far as you go.

Contact FSG for a FREE quote for your property because we make integrated soft services easy.

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